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Get airport by ICAO



Returns the airport with the specified ICAO.


Path Parameters

    icao stringrequired

    Airport ICAO

    Example: KJFK


Successful operation

    data object
    icao string

    Airport ICAO code

    iata string

    Airport IATA code

    name string

    Airport name

    altitude_m integer

    Airport altitude in meters

    altitude_ft integer

    Airport altitude in feet

    transition_alt integer

    Airport transition altitude

    transition_level string

    Airport transition level. If transition_level_by_atc is true, "Assigned by ATC" is returned

    transition_level_by_atc boolean

    True if transition level is assigned by ATC, false otherwise

    city string

    Airport city name

    country string

    Airport country name

    division_id string

    Division responsible for the airport

    stations object[]
  • Array [
  • callsign string

    Station callsign

    name string

    Station name

    frequency string

    Station frequency

    ctaf boolean

    True if the frequency should be used as CTAF when no ATC is online, false otherwise

  • ]