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Begin OAuth2 flow



Redirects the end user to the authorization page


Query Parameters

    response_type stringrequired

    Possible values: [code]

    Which authorization flow to use

    client_id stringrequired

    Client ID

    redirect_uri string

    Redirect URI (must match the one configured for the client)

    scope string[]

    Possible values: [full_name, email, vatsim_details, country]

    Space-separated list of requested scopes

    state string

    Value used to maintain state between the request and the callback

    prompt string

    Possible values: [none, login, consent]

    How to prompt the user for reauthentication and/or consent

    By default, the authorization server will not prompt the user for reauthentication and will not prompt for consent if they have already given it.

    none will cause the request to return an error if the user is not already logged in and has not given consent to the requested scopes.

    login will force the user to reauthenticate even if they are already signed in.

    consent will cause the authorization server to prompt the user to consent to the requested scopes even if they have already done so.


Redirect to authorization page