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List all events by division



Returns a list of all current and upcoming events in the specified division.


Path Parameters

    divisionId string

    Division ID to filter events by

    Example: USA


Successful operation

    data object[]
  • Array [
  • id integer

    Event ID

    type string

    Possible values: [Event, Controller Examination, VASOPS Event]

    Event type

    name string

    Event name

    link string

    Event link

    organisers object[]

    Event organisers

  • Array [
  • region stringnull

    Region ID

    division stringnull

    Division ID

    subdivision stringnull

    Subdivision ID

    organised_by_vatsim boolean

    Whether the event is organised by VATSIM

  • ]
  • airports object[]

    Event airports

  • Array [
  • icao string

    Airport ICAO code

  • ]
  • routes object[]

    Event routes

  • Array [
  • departure string

    Departure airport ICAO code

    arrival string

    Arrival airport ICAO code

    route string

    Prescribed route

  • ]
  • start_time date-time

    Event start time

    end_time date-time

    Event end time

    short_description string

    Event short description (Markdown)

    description string

    Event description (Markdown)

    banner string

    Event banner

  • ]